Our Team


Our team of nineteen exceptional drivers  will deliver your loads in a  prudent and timely manner.


Founder and Vice President Dave Grieser along with Owner and President

Jason Grieser.


Our four full-time and four part-time mechanics repair and service our own trucks as well as those of other local customers. 

Jason Grieser

Dave Grieser

Founder & Vice President

Tim Slye

Transportation & Safety Manager

Jon Bennett

Service & Equipment Manager

Christian Barhite

Billing & Analytics Manager 

Mission & Vision


To exceed the expectations of our customers while embracing the uniqueness of each customer and each individual employee.


To become an industry standard in exceeding the expectations of customers while being able to stay individualized to the uniqueness of each employee. To empower each employee to find and fulfill their passion and purpose, becoming the company customers want to work with and those in the transportation industry want to work for.




  • Dave's Sand & Stone, Inc. was started January 1, 1978 when founder Dave Grieser purchased two dump trucks and a loader.  The company continued to grow primarily in the local dump truck market, and in the winter, Dave would take the dump box off one of the trucks and use it as a tractor hauling other freight.  
  • In 1990, two over-the-road tractors and two curtainside trailers were purchased and the company expanded into over-the-road freight hauling.  These trucks were primarily used to transport particle board and furniture for a local furniture company.
  • In 1993, Dave's son Jason joined the business where he currently serves as President and Co-owner.  
  • Over the next few years the demand for freight hauling increased, and equipment was added as the service area continued to grow.  


  • The demand for Dave’s Sand and Stone services began to outpace the capital to expand.  Because of this, in January of 2002 Grieser Logistics LLC was started as a brokerage company. 
  • In late 2008, as the over-the-road portion of the business continued to increase in scope, the "doing business as" name Grieser Transportation was added to better reflect the nature of the company.
  • At the end of 2014 we sold our last dump truck and decided to focus entirely on the over-the-road end of the business.  
  • Due to the increased insurance bond costs and the decrease in brokering of loads, we decided to end Grieser Logistics LLC in June of 2015.
  • Currently, we are continuing to expand as a company and look forward to many more years of providing services to our customers.