Dave's Sand and Stone, Inc. d/b/a
Grieser Transportation

Employment Opportunities


We are looking for drivers who are:
Self Dependent
Have good time and trip management skills

Submit a completed application via:

Email: tim@griesertransportation.com

 Fax:   419-445-1280

 Mail or stop by the office:  19230 County Road F
                                           Wauseon, Ohio 43567

Driver Commission and Monthly Bonuses


Years of Continuous Employment:

1 to 4: Driver will receive 26% of the gross freight bill for every load they deliver.

4 to 6: 27% of gross freight bill

6+: 28% of gross freight bill

Monthly Bonuses:

Drivers can earn up to 4.7% of the revenue they brought in for the previous month on top of their weekly commissions by meeting fuel mileage, miles driven, and safety goals.

Vacation pay is awarded the anniversary week of the employee’s hire date and is calculated as follows:

1 year of service 2% of previous year’s wages is awarded.

2-10 years of service, 4% of previous year’s wages is awarded.

10+ years, 6% of previous year’s wages is awarded.

Drivers may take days off at anytime throughout the year with at least a week of advance notice and by the approval of the transportation coordinator.

Drug and Alcohol Policy:

This is a drug and alcohol-free workplace.  All potential employees will be subjected to a pre-employment drug screen.  All employees will be subject to random drug tests.


After 1 year of employment, employees are eligible for a 401k plan.  Grieser Transportation will match ½ of the % of wages an employee contributes up to a total of 2% (i.e, if an employee contributes 4% of their wages to the 401k plan, the company will contribute an additional 2% of that employees’ wages.  If an employee contributes 8%, Grieser Transportation will still only match 2%.  If an employee contributes 2%, then Grieser will match an additional 1%).

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